Do you have a message you would love to share and crowdfund with other like-minded people across outdoor billboards, television, radio and digital campaigns?

At Crowdvertise, we make it easy for people to share, discover and even create advertising campaigns of all sizes across outdoor billboards, television and radio. We are non-partisan, and any creative message will be accepted and shared for funding, as long as it complies with FCC guidelines.

Browse our user created campaigns, submit your own creative brief, where you will draft your message to be voted on to become an Active Campaign.

We are media buyers, if you are an organization or business and just want to pay for a campaign, you can also purchase a campaign yourself.

Let’s begin! Which option best describes you:

You have a message you would like us to prepare for crowdfunding, and begin sharing it. Submit your creative brief here.

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You are the member of a business or political group (franchise owners, co-ops, PAC’s, etc…), or an individual and have questions. Click here to be contacted.

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Welcome to CrowdVertise. Discover and support  messages you believe in, or create your own and share them to receive support.

We are a media buying service. Once a campaign is fully funded, we will execute the plan as proposed. We will purchase the media at the lowest possible rates and provide completion reports to all backers of the campaign. 

You are an integral part in helping make CrowdVertise a reality. To give a voice to the silent majority. Thank you. 

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Who We Are

We are classic liberal conservatives... which means we believe in the power of the individual to be self-reliant and always in the prusuit of happiness. We believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, as our founders envisioned them.

Crowdvertise is non-partisan. We have no particular social agenda that lines up with any one party. There are traits from both the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street we identify with (this was written in 2011).

Our only agenda is to help keep America the superpower of the World, and we believe the best way to do that is to give a voice to the silent majority.

There is an undercurrent of passion in our country right now. Political and social topics that effect our lives are influenced greatly by the messages we see and hear every day. We believe the vast majority of us share similar thoughts on given topics, we just don’t know it.

We are a group of media buyers and creative folks who have taken our passion for advertising to fill a need that exists in our society today. We have access to the lowest negotiated media rates in most major markets around the country.