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For Crowdvertise 1.0, the approval and ad process will be completed manually, by our small but capable team... as we grow we will automate this process. For now we have these rules in place so that our time and efforts are being spent pushing an idea that has a lot of potential backers.

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Once your signed in, create your campaign here!

Create Your Campaign

Welcome, let’s get started building your campaign. Once you submit the details, our staff will determine the cost of the campaign and then activate the crowdfunding project on the site, so that other users can view the campaign, share it and fund it through their social networks. You will receive an approval e-mail, with the creative brief in PDF document.

We are America’s Ad Agency. We welcome any and all ideas, but we will only approve and post campaigns that are well thought out and have a good chance of successfully funding. Our factors are not based on partisan or social issue, it is a success issue. 

Give a few details about how you plan to make the campaign successfully fund. How many Facebook friends do you have? What local or national clubs and organizations have you identified that will support your message with a $5 or $10 pledge? Remember, these are real advertising campaigns that influence hundreds of thousands of people.

Any submissions that contain any form of illegal activity (text/pictures/videos) will be immediately reported to local authorities.