The ads on our site are generated by you the users, as well as our staff. You as the user can remain anonymous when submitting an ad, or name your organization and spread the word from every mountain top.

Users can be an individual, an organization, a political representative, it doesn’t matter. You are all welcome here.

Our staff will review the ad and approve or deny the ad based on their intended message of the creative. If approved, the ads will be activated on the site to be crowdfunded. If denied, the ads will be deleted and the user notified.

At, we are non-partisan, and are not for or against any issues. We will remain objective in our decisions on which creative to approve or deny. The criteria to determine which ads are approved will be based on the appropriateness of the creatives’ intended message.

Appropriateness is a very subjective word, so allow us to elaborate. We will deny creative that violates the advertising rules set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC – click here for rules).