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Full Service Ad Agency

We have worked in broadcast television and radio for decades. Our media buyers know what to ask for to get the most efficient broadcast schedule for the budget. We also handle creative. From outdoor billboards to television and radio, our team of creative designers will produce your message from script to screen. We receive a 15% agency discount on all media buys. This amount is discounted from the media outlets portion of the budget, so the overall campaign investment amount is not affected.


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Business Model

We are paid a 15% agency discount from the media outlet for the buy. Learn how agency discounts work here. Out of that, 5% pays processing fees, 5% goes to website maintenance and compensation for our staff, and 5% goes into our creative reserve fund.  Our long-term goal is to adopt Paul Newman’s Salad Dressing business model, where our profits will be used to cover our expenses and employee compensation, but once that has been done, our remaining after-tax profits are given to non-profit groups our users help choose. If all private company’s adopted this business model, we could line the streets with gold.



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Let’s say you live in Sacramento, California, and you invest in a Washington, D.C. television campaign. How do you know the ad ran? It’s easy. After the $1 you invest in a campaign, your ‘investor status‘ will make available additional information about each campaign contract, including as-run reports. These reports are furnished by the media company’s, and detail the total number of guaranteed impressions delivered, the total gross and net amount of the contract and much more. Go to how media buying works for more.