The Creative Brief is where you submit your message to us, we will review it, make sure it passes FCC advertising guidelines, and put it in the approval bucket. Once it’s been approved, you will be notified via e-mail and either send us artwork to use as the campaign image, or we will create the campaign image for you.

Once your campaign has been laid out, it will be made available for you to share on social media, and it will become available as a campaign on here for users to crowdfund.

To cover the expenses of ad creation, we will be applying 5% of each successfully run ad campaign to our Creative Reserve Fund (CRF). The CRF will be used exclusively to produce user created messages. Learn more about our business model here.

Please provide a short, descriptive brief about your message. No more than a few sentences per bullet point.

Choose your preferred medium:

Outdoor Billboard



Digital Ads (coming soon)