About Us & FAQ's

We believe in the power of the individual to be self-reliant and always in the prusuit of happiness. We believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, as our founders envisioned them.

Crowdvertise is non-partisan. We have no particular social agenda that lines up with any one party. There are traits from both the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street we identify with (this was written in 2011).

Our only agenda is to help keep America the superpower of the World, and we believe the best way to do that is to give a voice to the silent majority.

There is an undercurrent of passion in our country right now. Political and social topics that effect our lives are influenced greatly by the messages we see and hear every day. We believe the vast majority of us share similar thoughts on given topics, we just don’t know it.

We are a group of media buyers and creative folks who have taken our passion for advertising to fill a need that exists in our society today. We have access to the lowest negotiated media rates in most major markets around the country.


If you don't see a question you have, send us a message here.

Our cut is the standard 15% agency commission for the process of completing a paid media buy.  Click here to see the steps it takes to turn your idea into a fundable campaign.

We are a platform for users of any political stance to share ideas with like-minded people to let your voices be heard. We all see censorship happening on self-proclaimed ‘platforms’ like YouTube, Facebook and others. These companies call themselves platforms, but many voices have their content filtered and deleted.

The Campaign Ideas on Crowdvertise are generated by you, the user. Users can be individuals, part of a group, a club, labor union, supporters a political party or movement, anything, it doesn’t matter.

At CrowdVertise.org, we are non-partisan, and are not for or against any issues. We will remain objective in our decisions on which campaign ideas to approve or deny. The criteria to determine which ads are approved will be based on the appropriateness of the creatives’ intended message.

Appropriateness is a very subjective word, so allow us to elaborate. We will deny creative that violates the advertising rules set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC – click here for rules). Learn more about our approval criteria here

If the campaign never launches, your contribution will be invested into building CrowdVertise.org.

CrowdVertise Radio Ad

Learn about us from our radio ad! We crowdfunded this radio commercial to run on 1380KTKZ in Sacramento, California to promote Crowdvertise. This has resulted in A LOT of new users to our website. Traditional media (radio, TV, billboards, etc.) still works! When you are so fed up with not being heard, you have this platform.

Current Media Markets

We will be expanding to more markets as our user base grows. We need to start somewhere!

Sacramento, California

This covers Sacramento, Stockton & Modesto.

San Francisco, California

This covers the Greater Bay Area in Northern California.

Los Angeles, California

This covers the Greater Southern California Region.